Growing up in Alabama, at the foothills of the Appalachians, founders Talon and Taylor Woods, found plenty of ways to entertain themselves outside: camping, mountain biking, fishing, hiking, and overlanding (before it was called overlanding anyway 😉). Fast forward to today. After relocating to Austin, they now spend their time working hard, trail running, and generally being active in all the things that Austin has to offer (great people, beer, live music, etc.). Being centrally located in the US, also allows them to split their time between Austin and Colorado, where they can scratch those itches that pop up all too often: summer camping, 14er's, fly fishing, paddling, and snowboarding.

On every adventure, they have come to admire several qualities in people and life: hard work, testing yourself, craftsmanship, sustainability, good times, and style. Still, as they ventured, they started noticing that a few of these qualities were missing in outdoor apparel.

At Sonnies, we're not sure when it happened, but somewhere along the way, it became the norm that to be outside, you needed to wear muted colors and stare stoically into the distance. Well, that concept is in stark contrast to the way we all travel and explore. Whether it's a last-minute trip to fill out someone's river permit, showing up at a first-come-first-serve campsite at 1 am, or opening that bottle around the campfire after a day of sends, there's always a common theme - we're having a good time in an unbelievable location. If that's the case, shouldn't the things that we wear align with what we're doing and how we're living?

Austin has no shortage of style and great people. Mix those vibes with a little hard work, great design, sustainably sourced materials, and attention to detail, and you can create clothing that's well suited for a life of adventure, whether you're on the road or at home planning that next trip.


We here at Sonnies strive to make the highest quality clothing and gear in a small-batch format. Everything we produce is done in limited runs and made to sell out. We search for the most sustainable materials, work with local manufacturers, and deliver goods that are made to be worn. We realize that everything that we do has an impact on our planet, and this is something we do not take lightly. Ultimately, we want to maximize the positive vibes we're sending out into the world. Cheers to outside adventures, yall!